Scorpion Task | Director Meng Yu | 2016

AJ Donnelly as Mercenary Leader

Scorpion Task

AJ Donnelly - Actor - Scorpion Task
AJ Donnelly - Actor - Scorpion Task

I am actually quite embarrassed by my work on Scorpion Task. Before rolling up on set that day, I hadn’t taken any time to read the script, nor find out anything about my character or background. In fact, I was arrogant and lazy and just felt I could wing it.

The result is that I completely misunderstood the character and what he was trying to achieve, as you can see by my portrayal. And of course, no one on set could speak English, so no one told me I was completely misinterpreting the role. Looking back on it now, definitely a wake up call that I hope I’ve not repeated since!

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